Senior Design Thesis

The eko design community is an online platform that aims to challenge our understanding of what design communities are and ultimately broaden our understanding of what it means to be a designer.

Communities are not just a place where we can find inspiration and motivation, but places where we feel part of something bigger than ourselves, where we learn everyday, and where we find a network of support.

Eko provides conceptual prompts that challenge the ordinary creative thinking process. It creates new opportunities to access and experience design.

2019 BFA Thesis Show

The online community was brought to reality in the Mason Gross Galleries through a physical pegboard and a digital platform that allowed visitors to experience and access design. This thesis aims to create a creative space where everyone can create work and be part of the community.

The digital platform allows users to develop the desired image with ease, and defaults as an individual experience. The pegboard plays off this same experience, but its large scale generates a reliance on others to fully create an image.

Below are some of the compositions created with the digital platform by users during the show.